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Uluru - WOW!

After completing the walk, we had a quick lunch, then it was full steam to ULURU! We headed straight to the popular free camp to set up. [Note this camp was still open when we visited, it has since been closed down unfortunately. We stayed for 2 nights and just purely soaked in the magnificent views we had. We decided to head into the resort for a few days while we properly explored the place. At our time of visit, there was a lot of rainfall and storms about. We had sunshine for 2/5 days whilst we were at the resort.

When the sun did shine, we shot out to the Olgas for a look. That place was magical. Another great hike, taking us in and around the Olgas. The following day was also sunshine, so we strapped the bikes on the nav and headed in to see Uluru up close. It was a surreal moment for us, actually seeing Uluru in person, with our own eyes. A must see place for all. We'd worked up a sweat and an appetite so headed back to camp to relax before our evening activities.

We both wanted to see the 'field of light' exhibition and decided to make it memorable by arriving on the back of a camel! Diesel was the name of our camel giving us a lift to the exhibition & he made sure we arrived safely. Our package included champagne on arrival, then we were escorted to a viewing area, to wait for it to get dark. Once it was dark enough, the switch was flicked and the field of light became alive.

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