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Camera Gear

Nikon D5600

When we first set off we borrowed my sisters D3200 Camera and it was brilliant! We had it for over a year and of course my sister was missing her camera so we sent it back and purchased a D5600. The D5600 Camera is Amazing! it is packed full of extra features and also a swivel touch screen which is great. We have the 18mm- 140mm Lens with a UV Lens filter.

We added the Rode micro compact microphone to the order as well. This microphone is great quality for vlogging, it comes with a wind muffle however it can struggle in high winds.

We also have a cheap pistol grip tripod which is great for time lapses and really sharp pictures, we would love to upgrade this in the future. We also purchased a over the shoulder strap for it which i find a lot more comfortable then the stock strap that it comes with, these are pretty cheap on eBay.

We have found the camera and tripod setup to be rather heavy and for that reason we dont take it on too many walks. When we are hiking we will generally just use the GoPro7, Phones and the Mavic drone.

Camera Phones

You don't need a fancy SLR camera these days with the quality of mobile phones and apps that go with them. Some of our best shots are taking via camera phone, they are easy to travel with and you always have it on you.

Play around with the settings and you might find some pretty cool features that you may never have noticed. Light trails and night mode are some pretty cool effects to play around with. (See Picture to the right)

DJI Mavic Pro

What can we say about the best drone out there?


This drone has produce some unreal content for us and with a 4K camera I can't see it not losing value anytime soon. I have had issues with these drones mainly around the camera gimbal area. To date i have gone through 4 gimbal motors and we are pretty sure the cause has been the corrogated roads that we have been on. Since the last two got replaced we have removed the gimbal clamp and put some soft foam in the gimbal cover which stops any rattling from occuring. Since we have done this we have had no issues with them to date which is awesome!

When we had issues with the Mavics we purchased a DJI Spark which is a smaller and cheaper drone as a backup. This drone has served us well and with its different designed gimbal we haven't had any problems with it. With the Sparks price tag it reflects its capability as a drone, so we still choose to run the Mavics as they out perform the Spark.

The more we travel around Australia the more 'NO DRONES' signs we are seeing. This is very sad and unfortunate to see however not many people are playing by the rules and we see a lot of people flying them over and around people. It's a shame but we're glad to do this lap of Aus now as it's not gone to extreme drone banning.

Check out the video we made about our experience with the drones and what we would recommend for travellers

Video and Picture Editing Software

There are so many software programs out there that can enhance your video and images.


Let's go through video editing first, we use Adobe Premier Pro. We find that this program is easy to use and is very stable when editing footage. However there is a cost involved to buy the software and you need a really good proccessing computer to be able to do it. A good program for beginners we would say is the default GoPro software, very simple to use and it's free!


Picture editing is also straight forward with us as we use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Lightroom enhances the images for us without getting too technical and Photoshop gives us the ability to alter and add things to the image.

Laptop and Storage

We use a really high powered laptop for editing, its also a gaming laptop which Kurt loves. We have the Acer Predator with the 15" screen and we run an external 27" screen when we have enough power. This laptop has been great for editing however it draws a lot of power when its processing which means we cant run it for too long on the batteries.

As for storage we run multiple external hard drives which equals to well over 10TB of data which is definitely needed with the video footage.

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