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About Us

About Kurtis; don’t hold it against him, but he is actually a pom – born and raised in England until he was 10 years old. Kurt’s parents made the decision to move the whole family over to Australia – him and his two sisters. Where they have lived ever since! Kurt spent his teenager years growing up on the Sunshine Coast, before moving to the Brisbane CBD area. After graduating high school and trying to decide what career path he wanted to take, he decided to pursue an apprenticeship to become an electrician. He successfully completed his 4 year apprenticeship and is now continuing to expand his extensive knowledge in the trade, as he and Amyee travel around Australia.

When Kurtis isn’t working, he generally enjoys online gaming, dirt bike riding, tinkering around on cars, metal detecting and just sitting back around a fire having a cold beer. He is very laidback and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Metal detecting is probably his number one hobby at the moment, as he likes the thrill of not knowing what he will find and where he might find it! Old glass bottles are his favourite things to find – seeing the craft and shape of how bottles were made 80+ years ago, really interests him. His second favourite hobby would have to be online gaming via PC. Kurt was adamant he wanted to bring his beloved PC on the trip around Australia and sacrificed his leg room on his side of the bed – near the wardrobe to successfully house his PC tower. Surprisingly, it has withstood all the corrugations thus far and continued to work, which has made, one very happy Kurt.

Before Kurt met Amyee – he had another great love in his life, his ‘F-Truck’. A 1982 f100 which he and his dad modified and built up. They upgraded the engine and pretty much built it up from scratch. It definitely turned heads, no matter where Kurt took it. Kurt even took it up to Cape York, and successfully did the telegraph track with it. Sadly Kurtis sold it prior to starting the trip, as it was not worth storing, but be sure he will get another F-Truck – one day! 

About Amyee; born and raised in Brisbane her whole life, Amyee is the middle child in her family. She has 2 brothers, one older, one younger and loved growing up the only girl. Amz was very much a tomboy in her teenage years and wouldn’t be caught in a dress. Now, she has about 50 dresses in her wardrobe and loves dressing up for special occasions. In high school, Amyee was unsure on what career path to take, firstly it was a famous soccer player, than it was an entertainer on a cruise ship, than she thought she wanted to become a restaurant manager. After working in a café for a few years after school, she decided she didn’t’ want to be stuck in hospitality and started looking at trades. The thought of going to university and studying full time was a big turn off for her as she was a very hands on learner. Long story short, she decided she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an electrician. She landed herself an apprenticeship and the rest is history. She had a very eventful 4 year apprenticeship, being named apprentice of the year, winning a handful of awards and also being selected to be go work in London for 6 weeks as part of an apprentice exchange program. She is very modest about her achievements and simply says – she was just very lucky!

When Amyee isn’t busy working as an electrician she is working for her other passion – the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard, Redcliffe flotilla. She has volunteered ever since she was 18 and has racked up 8 years of service volunteering so far.  She loves being out on the water, giving back to the community and generally helping people! If she isn’t on water, she likes to stretch her legs by playing some social futsal (indoor soccer), catch up for brekky with her mates, travel to new places and just generally be active outdoors.

Not many people know this about Amyee, but she has a decent ‘troll doll’ collection, from collecting them in her early teenager years. She has over 600 dolls and accessories! She still has them all, stored safely away - as she’s not quite sure what to do with them all yet.

G’day, the names Rusty! I’m a Kelpie/Cattledog and I’m 8 years old. I enjoy my time adventuring with my mum and dad, even when they call me a 'bumjum' (when I get up to mischief). I'm very loyal to my masters and don’t like it when other dogs come to close to them, but other than that I’m a very chilled out pup. 

Dad treats me like a princess and sometimes picks me up when we are out walking for a long time. Mum is my number one and loves my cuddles, except she isn’t a fan of me licking her feet first thing in the morning – not sure why.

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