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Sparkys on the Loose

We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list

Welcome to our page
We are Amz, Kurt & Rusty and call ourselves Sparkys on the Loose.
We called ourselves Sparkys on the Loose because we are both Australian qualified electricians and we set loose from the shackles of society to embark on a life time journey!
We upgraded our 2003 Navara, bought a second hand caravan and set off on our epic lap of Australia. 
*Update - We're currently back in our home city Brisbane. We're working and saving up for more adventures.

We set off from our home town Brisbane, Queensland with our house deposit and haven’t looked back! We have been very fortunate to have only worked 5 months total to date while travelling so this is more of a holiday rather than work. We left March 2017 and since then we have found an abundance of beautiful sceneries and camp spots around Australia. 

Just because we have a caravan it does not stop us from getting us to where we want to go. Watch as we get into some interesting situations in the most remote places you can be. Preparation is the key and finding the perfect camping setup is the challenge.

We love supporting the locals and make an extra effort to visit the little towns that don't get the attention that they deserve. We hope that we inspire others to get off the main tracks and stop in to these towns and help keep them alive for the future to see. Some of the most amazing things we have seen are from these towns and we look forward to sharing them with you.
We also hope to inspire others to explore the vast country that we call home.
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Dogs in National parks
caravan setup and car
There are many ways to check out what we are up to.
One of the things we love most to do is create video episodes of our travels and put them on YouTube. We believe the videos give a unbiased outlook of what the area is like, through our eyes. We don't push any sponsors in our episodes so you can enjoy sponsor free viewing. Throughout our episodes we have a great mix of  vlog, audio commentary, drone footage and sometimes drama! Also on our YouTube channel we do podcasts, camping tips and product reviews, this is great way to show you guys what works and what doesn't when on the road. Because we don't have any sponsors, we are self funded. So if you would like to help us out and keep us on the road longer then feel free to hit the donation button below or join the crew of legends over on Patreon. 

On Instagram we post heaps of epic shots that we have taken along the way. These pictures can sometimes be the most up to date way of seeing where we are and what we are doing.

On Facebook you will see our blogs, wrap ups, stories and updates on what we are up to. Facebook is a great way to connect with us and share your experiences as well, we love a good chat. Amz writes some great blogs on there that you will see over in the blog section on the website.

We occasionally send emails out to our mailing list on here which gives a brief overlook of where we are, what's changed and current posts. At this stage its only one email a month as we don't like to spam people with emails but that could change if we get a good response.

We love catching up with fellow travelers for a beer, campfire and sharing stories.
Check out our channel trailer below to see what we get up to!

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