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Our Rigs

Nissan Navara D22 2003 Dual Cab 4x4

Engine: ZD30 3.0L Turbo Diesel

Engine Mods: EGR Block, Primary Fuel Water Seperator Filter, Provent Oil catch can, 3" Exhaust

Tyres: Hankook DynaPro MT 31" x 15" Rims, Great Tyres. The first set lasted 50,000kms which i was more then happy with as they are a mud terrain tyre.

Suspension: Rear Leaf springs are Dobsons 600KG Constant Load with extended Shackles. Front is stock with torsion bars maxed. Shockabsorbers are Ironman all round.


ProRack Rooftop pod - Very handy to store them bulky awkward items, we actually have our recovery tracks in there to keep them out of the sun.

Ridge Ryder 12000LB Winch with interior switch

Mates Rates Canopy - Aluminium 2.5mm 2100*1800*850 with interior support and roof racks.

Ridge Ryder Awning 2.5 x 2.5 with LED Strip

Ridge Ryder Awning Rear

Sony sound system with Blaupunkt 12" Subwoofer

Internal dog cage with mesh window

Waeco Duel Zone 75L

Dometic vacuum sealer

Check out our video on the Nissan Navara D22 Under bonnet.

In this video i cover

- Provent catch can

- Water separator fuel filter

- What spare parts i carry

- How tough is the Navara

- How reliably is the Navara

- Battery System

12Volt and 240Volt Setup:

We are very happy with our 12V and 240V Setup, it has taken time to get it right but we're pretty close to being 100% happy with it.


Solar - 2x250W EBay panels on the Navara, 1x200W eBay Flexy solar panel on the caravan and 150W Ridge Ryder Solar Blanket, 

Batteries - Total of 200AH in the canopy and 100AH in the caravan.

2000W Inverter

40A Ebay AGM Battery Charger

Projecta 100A Dual Battery system

Backup Power - Kings 2KVA Generator

Ridge Ryder DCDC 20A Charger

This setup allows us to have free power during the day and gives us approximately 5 hours of desktop computer use at night with the Waeco Duel Zone 75L running. Obviously the more solar and batteries means you get longer use with power however you're adding a lot of weight to your vehicle. Currently with our solar and battery setup we are adding approximately 70KG to our combined weight which is getting up there!

Now if we run out of sun we have always got the Generator as a backup source

which will provide us with 240V Power and a charge up of the battery bank using an EBay 40A Charger. There's an added weight again with this setup as the generator itself can weigh 25KG plus a 20L Jerry can of fuel combined being 45KG.


Getting the perfect setup is hard and takes time but once you've found it you will be very happy and worry free.

Coromal Corvair Pioneer 547


2005 Pop Top, Tandem Axle with a tapered rear end


Chassis: Solid

Suspension: Wishbone Independant with Leaf Springs


Tyres: Hifly Vigerous AT 31" Chinese made tyres but so far we have had zero issues with them.


Interior: Shower/Toilet combo which has been unreal, I (Kurt) was sceptical at first however there’s nothing like waking up in the morning and not having to walk to the nearest toilet. The cubicle also double as a storage for chairs and tables.


Bike Rack: We have the Thule lockable bike rack, this rack is unreal!! We have a steel and aluminium bike and the amount of corrugations we have been on we are surprised the rack has not failed! If you're planning on putting bikes on the back make sure you put them in a bag when going off road or they will look like the above picture and never work the same again. *2 Year update - We have sent the bikes to the rubbish dump as they have received too much dust/salt damage.


Water: We have 120L of water on board which is not much when you have to account for showers, so if we know we're going to be camped up for a while we get out our 60L Bladder and fill that up. The bladders take up no room at all, are very robust and pretty cheap!

We had a Microwave installed when we first bought it, however soon removed it. Being on the road we knew that we wouldn't use it and that it’s just wasted space. We replaced it with a basket for all of Amyees' shoes instead.


Another mod we have recently done is screwed fishing rod holders to the inside roof of the caravan. This is a great way to access them as you can grab them and start fishing in an instant. It also eliminates dust in the expensive reels and also is less like to get stolen. When we are ready to sell we will simply take them down and fill the holes with putty or a sticker.


We have installed 4 x LED strip lights pointing upwards as well. This provides us with twice the amount of light then the standard 12V fittings and they look fantastic.


We also installed a Wireless reversing camera on the back, these are great for knowing if someone is tailgating you and for those tricky camp spots. They are very easy to install as it works over Wi-Fi signal so you don’t have to run lengthy cables.

Check out our Caravan interior tour. This caravan has everything we need for our time travelling around Australia. We have packed it full of mods some including a surfboard roof mount, roof mounted fishing rod holders and improved LED Lighting.

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