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Updated: Nov 3, 2018

waterfalls and water crossings! ⛲️🚧

We set up camp just south of Litchfield at a brilliant free camp called ‘Robin Falls Campground’🏕. We had a great site right on the rivers edge, it was the only grassy site and had a good depth of water to stay cool in. 🏊🏻‍♀️

Wangi Falls

From here we did a few, small early morning trips into Litchfield for a look. We saw all the hotspots. They were all super busy with lots of travelers about🚐. We caught up with Kurts parents at Florence Falls and decided to tackle the Reynolds River road, south to the Daly River road.

Florence Falls

What an adventure that turned into. Great sights to see on the journey with a few decent river crossings. The biggest crossing was the Reynolds River crossing🚧. Its a long 30m stretch of water to cross and was at a depth of 1000mm. At the end of this crossing, we unfortunately found out Kurts door seal isn’t great, with some water💦 leaking into the drivers side foot well! The first time we have ever got water in the Navara!😬

Blyth Homestead

Luckily nothing to major got wet, phew! We finished the track and eventually popped out on the Daly River road. Where we all headed back to our camp at Robin Falls. A well deserved afternoon swim up at the waterfall while everything dried out! ☀️

➡️Robin Falls campground has plenty of space, is dog friendly🐶 and rubbish bins about. If you have a caravan we suggest getting there early, as only a few spots are easy to get your van into. The river was safe for swimming when we were there (maybe check with the local council, straight after a big wet?🐊). Also be sure to walk up the bush track to check out the waterfall - its small but very pretty

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