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We worked FIFO on a gold mine!

We’ve just finished up 2 months of work on a gold mine, in the goldfields of Western Australia. So here is a little back story on why we chose to stop and work over here...

Before we set off on our big lap adventure we both got our electrical licenses for Northern territory and Western Australia. We figured that being on the road we would possible pick up a bit of work in the mines while we travelled through. Well last November we started talking about where we would be for Christmas and what we should do. Bunking down and working for December / January sounded like a good plan, so we could get some income and avoid touring in the school holiday rush.

We sat down one night while in Carnarvon and just applied for a handful jobs to try to get something in motion. While we were at the Kennedy ranges (last November) heading to Mt Augustus we got the call to say that we had both been pushed through to a medical in Perth, Awesome news! We fast tracked straight to Perth in 2 days! We arrived in Perth on a Monday at 11:45am and our medical was booked in at 12:30pm, talk about cutting it fine . We both passed our medicals and was told we had to board the plane to leave ‪in 2 days‬’ time.

It was all happening so fast that we started stressing out big time as we had a lot of things to organise. The Major thing was what were we going to do with our darling Rusty? We don’t like the idea of kennelling her, especially for the amount of time we are away for so that was not an option. Another option was that one of us could stay behind and look after her while the other works, however the amount of money we would miss by doing that was a deterrent.

Struggling with options we were told that a simple plane flight️ would be a great idea for us and it was! The dog that Rusty grew up with back in Brisbane was definitely missing the company of Rusty and we figured it would be great if they got back together and spend some much needed dog time with each other. So it was decided and we booked Rusty on her first plane flight through JetPets. She handled it perfectly fine.

With Rusty all sorted, our next dilemma was what were we going to do with the car and caravan? Well fortunately for us a couple that we had met out on the Gibb River Road has helped us out BIG TIME! They kindly said that we could park the Nav & van at their home, and they would look after them while we are gone. We couldn’t believe how fortunate we were and are so very grateful for their hospitality.

We can’t get into specifics on which job and exactly where we worked as it has a strict social media policy but we can say that it was a FIFO roster being 4:1. We worked 10 hour days, 13 day fortnight for 4 weeks. Then we got one week off back in Perth. Fortunately for us, we managed to score Christmas week as our week back in Perth. Our friends Vic & Amanda made us feel so welcome joining them for the Christmas festivities, along with their friends.

Our contract was casual, and we only had to do 2 swings which worked out perfectly for us.

The work was construction🔨, which was very cruisey and we were both employed as electricians. We officially finished up at the end of January. Getting this job was good, it fitted in perfectly with what we were seeking and we met plenty of legends out on site.

We are currently in Mandurah, south of Perth, at our friends place, sorting ourselves out. Rusty is also back from her 10 week holiday. We’re doing bulk maintenance, repairs, cleaning and revamping - ready for the next leg of our journey.

That about wraps it up, if you guys have any questions about our work stint then let us know.

Cheers Legends

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