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Warroora Station aka ‘Warra’

one of our favourite campsites of the trip!

‘14 mile’ was our first campsite on the station, as we used this as a base to explore Coral Bay. We came in via the northern entrance which was a little corrugated, but nothing dramatic. Despite all the ‘4WD only’ and ‘lower your tyre pressure’ signs, we thought, it was easy as to drive onto the beach sites. Due to the popular nature of the camp spot, the sand was very compact and it was like driving on tar.

14 Mile

Now, for only $100 for the week, we camped at site ‘S’ along the waterfront. The ocean was only metres away from our front door. During our 10 days at 14 mile it was very windy. We used the vehicles and caravan as wind barriers and setup a ‘cocoon’ as such. Fires were allowed, but they had to be contained to a fire pit and you also had to BYO wood, as collecting on the station was banned.

It was a very social 10 days, with ourselves, CamperAustralis & the Roving Russos having delish food, sundowners and card games galore all week long. Even some mates from the sunny Coast, dropped in for a few nights on their travels. It definitely made our stay at 14 mile much more enjoyable with great company.

14 Mile

Now, on the 9th day, the wind was becoming a bit of a nuisance (at 14 mile). So we decided to do a day trip along the station to see if there was any better spots to camp. Wow! Definitely do the drive! We stopped into every spot and each one was beautiful and unique. We drove all the way down to the south boundary fence and back. You can even pop into the homestead and grab a cold drink or an ice-cream- if you have some loose change laying about.