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Trek up to Carnarvon, WA

On our way out of Shark bay we checked out the thong shack, Eagle Bluff and visited shell beach. We then headed up to Wooramel Riverside Retreat for an overnight stop. This place had been on our radar for a little while and were excited to finally check it out.

Wooramel Riverside Retreat

We checked in and got ourselves a nice spot by the river️. The owner was telling us that its an upside down river and you’ll only ever see water in it maybe 2 weeks of the year if your lucky - so don’t expect water views. We ventured up to the communal fire pit that afternoon for a chinwag with some fellow travelers. A nice area, with some quirky tables and stools.

About 8pm once the sun had well and truly gone down, we threw our swimmers on and headed up to the artesian pools for a soak and spot of star gazing. WOW - is all we can say. What an awesome night staring up into the sky. We even managed to capture a few cracker shots of the milky-way.

The following morning we strolled around the historic tip, checking out the old car wrecks. A few funny bits and pieces to see as you wander️ around. Now before heading off, we couldn’t resist having another dip in the artesian pools. Definitely recommend a visit here, what a great place.

Later that day we made it into Carnarvon, and checked into the van park in town. It was origin night (match one) and we had made plans to watch the match with our mates Ben & Haylee. A tough game but glad QLD took the win - QLDER!

Carnarvon Garden

A large weather front was predicted to come through in the coming days so we just bunkered down and caught up on some blogs and video editing. For those who don’t know, we had visited Carnarvon last year where we saw all the sights and surrounding areas. Our main reason for coming back up, was to head north around Exmouth and swim with the whale sharks! We missed them last year, as we had came through to late in the season.

We stocked up the fridge and panty with food, ready for our next leg of the journey. Next up - we’re heading to Warra Station & Coral Bay, to revisit one of our favourite areas in Oz!

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