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The road to Geraldton

We left Sandy Cape, travelled through Leeman and stopped at a free camp️ called ‘freshwater north’ for the night. It was just south of Cliff head. After quickly walking the track, we found a nice site to setup at, and a game plan on how to turn the car & van around - as it was quite a narrow track. The water was quite warm and inviting, so we had a lovely afternoon dip. It would of been rude not to, with this place as our front yard️ (see photos). We enjoyed a peaceful night here before continuing on the next day.

Cliff Head

Port Denison and Dongra, looked like lovely towns as we drove through. We made it to Greenough, and checked out the old convict bridge. It reminded us of the old spikey bridge we saw in Tassie. We viewed the old historic settlement from the carpark, before heading out to Ellendale Pool. We had every intention of camping here, but it was just too cold. We admired the pool from the shore and grabbed some pictures. It reminded☺️ us of the Kimberleys with the colours and landscape.

It was a tough call, but we made the decision to head into Geraldton and have some KFC for a late lunch. Not before grabbing a few snaps with then leaning trees of Greenough. Really shows how strong the winds🌬 are, for these tree’s to actually grow sideways.

Geraldton RV Camp

We arrived in Geraldton, and was able to nab one of the last spots in the free 24hr rest stop in town. The best part of this camp spot is it is right across from KFC - how convenient . We walked around town and along the foreshore. Geraldton was quite a nice town. As you can only stay 24hrs and we had to wait for a parcel to come to the post office, we decided to head up the road and camp at Oakabella Homestead, for a night.

A great place for an overnighter with plenty to do. We walked around the homestead checking out the old buildings and stables. The communal campfire they put on each night was great. Plenty of chats and laughs had, while listening to the brave souls do karaoke.

We returned back to Geraldton 24hr RV camp for another night and luckily our parcel arrived the next day🏼. We walked around more of the town and grabbed some photos of with some of the street art pieces.

On our way out of town we checked out the St Francis Xavier Cathedral and visited the HMAS Sydney II memorial. Well thanks Geraldton, we’re all stocked up and ready for our next leg into Kalbarri!

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