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Tassie wrap up – 8 weeks

Highlights, costs, dog-friendly walks

+ general tips and tricks

Well what a whirlwind 8 weeks we have had in Tasmania. We booked our tickets last November and secured our spot on the ferry. The only real plan we had was to go anti clockwise and try to free camp as much as possible. We made up our journey as we went along, with the help of wikicamps, general knowledge and asking people about their experiences.

The Nut

Our highlights of Tasmania would have to of been:

The vast amount of scenery changes you experience from one town to the next was crazy. The wildlife was unreal! We were super stoked, to see our first wild platypus, echidna & wombat and all within our first week. The endless amounts of waterfalls we discovered and the abundance of walking trails, Tasmania offers was a favourite of ours. We definitely got our hiking fix!

Amz’s favourite 3 camp spots were; Trial Harbour, Swimcart Beach & Marrawah point

Favourite things were; the mountain hikes (Cape Raoul, Mt Hartz, Mt Amos etc), visiting MONA and the Philosopher falls walk with Rusty.  

Kurt’s favourite 3 camp spots were; Swimcart beach, cockle creek & lake Brady

Favourite things were; fishing, doing the Montezuma 4WD track and eating the parmy he got at the Bruny Hotel. [Now that speaks volumes on how good the food was!]

Rusty's favourite things; runnig along the beach at Marrawah point, walking to philsopher falls and checking out the Port Arthur grounds.

Creepy Crawly Walk

Now let’s talk costs:

All up it cost us: $9,255.82 total for our Tasmania adventure. That included all costs and accounted for every cent we spent in Tassie.

It’s no surprise that food and drinks were our highest outgoing as we like to eat well. Also an unplanned major cost for us, was a new gearbox for our Navara. If we deduct our new gearbox it brings it down to $7,795.82.  Looking back, we could have curbed our eating out and got our grocery bill down abit, but we ate well and had a blast. #noregrets 

If we take out the ferry cost, it brings it further down to $5,995.82 – if you divide that by 8 weeks = $749.47 – which is roughly in line with our weekly budget.

On a positive note, we were stoked to only spend $210 on accommodation over our 8 weeks. Some spots your only option was a low cost camp, but that’s fine as Tassie was full of cracking free spots. All in all, it’s quite costly to get your car & caravan over to Tasmania, so really make the most of it. We found 8 weeks suitable, maybe an extra week or two would have been great, but the 8 week timeframe we booked was plenty of time for us.<