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Tamala Station & Steep Point

We drove from Kalbarri to Tamala Station and arrived at the homestead to see what camping sites they recommend. We’d heard of a few spots but had no clue where we wanted to camp. The receptionist recommended Shell Beach, so thats where we headed.

Now we are usually all for the positives but, we were a little underwhelmed with Tamala station. I think we had built up such a strong picture in our heads, thinking it would be like Warra station. Shell beach was nice, but quite busy with 12 other campers spread out along the kilometer long beach. The flies were quite annoying (we know nothing you can do about that) but it just made any outside activity unpleasant.

Tamala Station

Shore fishing from here was non existent as we quickly learnt. You need a boat and had to head at least 5kms out to really catch anything. We drove around the station to the other sites and there wasn’t anywhere that much better. Some sites were definitely more private but nothing that made us say wow️. I guess the price tag attached to this place was also a little disappointing as well.

Well now thats all off our chest, we just sucked it up and tried to make the most of our 5 nights here. Our mates Ben & Haylee were camped along the same beach as us, so we took turns doing a day trip into Steep point. What a track to get into Steep point - that was! Probably up there with one of our top 5 worse roads in Australia.

At one point we weren’t sure if we were going to make it, as Kurt had to do an emergency road side repair on a leaky fuel line which fed one of our engine pistons. Thankfully all the spares and tools we carry, came in handy and we managed to fix the leak with a new o-ring.

We got the iconic photo at the ‘most western point of the australian mainland’ sign. Happy to tick this place off our bucket list, we signed the guest book and started the return trek home. Ben & Haylee reported Rusty was a good girl and basically slept the entire time we were away (like she usually does).

Tamala Station

Tamala did give us a cracker sunset one night, in which the sky turned completely pink. We like to see the positives in things and would only return here if we had a boat. From our personal experiences, we think there are far nicer (& cheaper) beaches to stay at, if you wanted a week of RnR. This is simply our opinion - each to their own.

Well time to hitch up and head into Denham!

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