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Rottnest Island

[or as the locals call it Rotto]

We did a day trip over to the highly anticipated Rottnest Island. Leaving bright and early to catch the 9:00am SeaLink Rottnest Island ferryfrom Fremantle. We had great weather for the first half of the day, before the clouds rolled in. Choosing to go midweek also paid off, with crowd numbers low on both the ferry and the island.

After tossing up whether to ride it or bus it, we decided to hire bikes and get our fitness up. Don’t be fooled, the island itself is quite hilly. With all good intentions to explore the whole island we unfortunately ran out of time (and drinking water) so only ended up seeing 2/3s of the island on our bikes.

The beaches were picturesque and we had no problems find Quokkas. The only disappointing thing, is the lack of drinking water available around the island. All the free fountains are on the eastern side and absolutely none on the west. There wasn’t even any shops (outside of the main village) we could purchase water from, while out exploring on our bikes️.

Overall, we are glad we experienced Rottnest and managed to get the famous ‘Quokka selfie’.


Quick Costing Ferry cost: $99 for 2 adults return

Bike hire: $30 per bike for allday hire, plus we splurged and got ourselves a ‘gel seat’ for $3 each Arvo pints: $10 each for one fifty lashes at the pub Tourist sticker: $4 Car parking: $10 all day

By managing to take our own lunch and snacks, all up we crept in under $200 for our day outing to Rotto

Special thanks to Amanda, who kindly watched Rusty all day while we were out

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