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Quobba / Red Bluff / Gnaraloo

All topped up with groceries, fuel & water from Carnarvon, we headed up to Quobba. First stop was to the famous ‘blowholes’. We stood and watched them shoot water up into the air for a good 15 minutes. Getting slightly wet when we stood in the wrong spots. There was plenty of salt around, so if you need some salt, take your shaker and fill it up.

We popped our heads into the Aquarium for a quick squizz, but as it was low tide, it was no good for snorkeling. Jumping back in the car and heading north to Quobba Station! We pulled into the homestead where we got some information and maps on the station, then headed up to ‘Red Bluff’. Our expectations of Red Bluff were quite high, as alot of people had recommended it to us.

Well we’re here to say... we LOVED it! Arriving at reception, we asked the caretaker what could he offer us. As we knew it was off peak and could see alot of empty sites. He offered us a beach shack for only an extra $5 per head a night. As apposed to $15 per head for pure bush/beach camping, we had a nice lovely shack.

Of course we inspected it before agreeing but it was quite cosy and he assured us, it was the only shack which had lights. Oh la la fancy. We settled into our shack for 3 nights. It had 2 double beds plus a bunk bed, communal picnic table, some shelves, fire pit and its own private access to the beach. Oh plus lights of course. There were 4 windows which opened up on the shack, which made it very breezy during the day, and provided great views out onto the ocean. We admired the view from our outside bench seat, where we ate alot of our meals from. Plus when the wind blew up, we could all sit around inside and play some cards.

Red Bluff

So whats here to do you may ask? Red Bluff is known for a popular surfing break. It has some really cool caves to explore. A large ridge to climb up, and if your lucky you might get a few bars of telstra. We saw countless go