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Our wonderful friends Vic & Amanda, welcomed us back to their home to spend Easter break with them. We had a lovely 10 days relaxing around Yundy, being spoilt with numerous boat trips up and down the river. Rusty loved being back at the ‘treat house’ and enjoyed her daily walks around the neighbourhood park. Words again, can’t describe the generosity, warmth and general homely feel🧡 we have for Vic & Amanda. We can’t wait to see them again, and eventually on the East Coast, to show them around our local spots.

So after 10 days, we moved from Mandurah to a van park in Fremantle, as there were a few small spots we wanted to see. We had drinks at the popular brewery, Little Creatures which was nice. We did a few small trips around town and into the CBD, making the most of our days. Visiting the Perth mint was a highlight, we did the tour and even got our own personalized gold plated coin. As well as touching a gold bullion worth $500k and seeing the largest gold coin in the world! We had a stroll through Kings Park, checking out the botanical gardens and popular blue boat shed.

Around Fremantle, we visited the Fremantle Prison where we did the ‘behind bars’ tour and tunnel tour. Both fascinating and we enjoyed learning the history of the place. We swung by the shipwreck museum and learnt about the Batavia wreck. A great museum which simply ask for a donation on entry. We also visited the WA maritime museum and splurged out and did the submarine tour.

Our top 3 tours we recommend would be - Perth mint tour - Submarine tour - Fremantle Prison tours

After 3 nights with jam packed days of sightseeing, we moved north to Burns Beach, where our lovely friends were staying. A nice small van park which is right on the foreshore.

We had a great time catching up with everyone in and around Perth. You all know who you are. We know, we only scratched the surface on what Perth has to offer, but we’re sure we’ll be back in the future. So plenty of other opportunities to see different things.

We are officially now trekking North

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