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Our whale shark dive

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Amz has wanted to swim with a whale shark since we left for our trip (over 2 years ago). When we came down the coast last year, we just missed out as it was too late in the year. We both agreed after working in the mines over Christmas, that we would trek back up so Amz could tick this off her bucket list.

Whale Shark

So after much research and consideration we chose to go with Coral Bay Eco Tours. We studied the weather and locked in a day (one week ahead) where low wind and low swell was predicted. We are happy to say we had a ripper day!

Our first spot on the tour was to a snorkel spot north of Coral Bay. We swam around some amazing coral, an abundous of fish and spotted 3 friendly turtles cruising around. On our way out to the big blue, our skipper spotted a manta ray and let us jump in for a quick swim. How good is that!

Now off into the ocean, headed north. Our spotter plane️ was already up and in search of some whale sharks by this time. Lots of dolphins, humpback whales and bait balls were spotted on the journey north. After a little waiting, we finally got to jump in and swim alongside the BIGGEST FISH in the sea!

It was truly an incredible experience and you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. How lucky are we, to be able to swim next to these gentle giants in the wild️. We had such a fantastic day out on the water. The crew were fabulous. We were well fed and educated on any questions we had. A special thanks🏼 to Naomi - InDepth Imagery for snapping some superb shots of our day.

Overall we are so glad we chose to go with Coral Bay Eco tours and have nothing but positive things to say about our experience

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