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Officially 18 months full time on the road!


What an adventure we have been on. Looking back, it seems that 18 month mark has come quite quickly. We still remember that feeling of pulling out of the driveway and waving goodbye to our families and friends. Knowing we probably wouldn’t see most of them for a good year or so.

We’ve become more wiser and realized alot during this last year. Stopping and working on some of the most remote cattle stations🐂 in the heart of Oz was a good eye opener to ‘outback life’. Getting to meet many like minded young aussie travelers has helped keep us sane. Sharing stories over campfires with a beer🍻 in hand is now, one of our favourite things to do. We now know what sort of life we want to live, when we eventually settle back into ‘normal life’.

We’ve realized no-ones time on earth🌏 is guaranteed. We could die tomorrow, next week or a good few years from now. So be happy and don’t wait to do the things you have dreamed of and love❤️. It’s no secret we’re living one of our dreams. We made a plan, saved our butts off and made it happen. We’ve learnt what and who is important in life and that you don’t need alot of money to be happy.

The main thing we’ve come to realize, is how bloody beautiful and diverse Australia⭐️ truly is!!! We knew this trip was going to be good, but we never realized how many unreal spots Australia has. We wish more people our age would get out and see their backyard. There’s so many mountain hikes, gorges, walking trails, waterfalls to be discovered. And to be honest, you need to be fit and agile to do alot of them. Don’t wait till your old and grey👵🏻👴🏻, do it today! We think its funny how lots of overseas backpackers have seen more of Australia then most of our friends.

So heres to us, our epic 18 months on the road and hoping we continue to inspire other Aussie’s to see how truly great our country is. ✌🏼🇦🇺

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