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MT Augustus - SHE SAID YES!

Mount Augustus - the worlds LARGEST rock

We left exmouth and headed onto the Wool Wagon pathway, a 400km dirt road - enroute to Mt. Augustus. We spent one night camped at Mangaroon creek, which was about half way along the Wool Wagon route. It was a peaceful spot, plenty of firewood about and we had the place to ourselves.

Mt Augustus

The next day, we continued the trek to Mt Augustus where we checked into the Tourist park and set ourselves up. A nice park with great facilities and green grass! We parked up towards the back section, so we could have nice un-obstructed views of Mt Augustus.

Up at the crack of dawn, we headed to the summit trail carpark. We were on the track🥾 by 7:30am. There is 2 ways you can hike up to the summit, we decided to go the easy/normal route up and do the alternative route on the way back down. It took us 1 hour 40minutes to reach the summit (6km one way).

After signing the guest book & taking a few pictures, Kurt surprised me and popped the question! It was a beautiful moment with spectacular views and no one else around. You get some Telstra signal right up the top, so we called both our parents to let them know the news.

Mt Augustus Proposal

Safe to say, Mt Augustus will now have a very special place in our hearts.

We hiked back down and along the gully trail. It was a rather physical track with lots of rock hopping. Glad we didn’t come up this track, as we could really feel it in our joints hiking down. We would still recommend doing the gully trail one way, it had very different scenery to the main track and leads you to Flintstone rock. Flintstone Rock has aboriginal engravings under it & not far from here we found a small cave full of animal bones.