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Meekatharra to Mount Magnet

Trek through the goldfields #part1

Leaving Mt Augustus early in the morning, we hit the dirt, heading towards Meekatharra. About halfway to Meeka we stopped into Mt Gould to stretch the legs and have a look. A police station use to be here, with the main building & jail cell still standing. Mt Gould itself is quite impressive too!

Well we made it to Meekatharra just in time for Kurt to visit the department of mines and officially get his miners right. This permit means Kurt can legally prospect in certain areas throughout WA. We set ourselves up at the ‘Peace Gorge’ free camp, just out of town. A lovely spot which reminded us a bit of devils marbles. The following day, Kurt caught up on some minor repairs and we headed into Meekatharra to have a look around the sights.

The next day, all hitched up we headed down into Cue. Our mate Blaine from Camper Australis who was working in a nearby mine, so we caught up with him at the pub for dinner. We camped at the RV free camp which was literally just one block away from the main street. The next day we looked around Cue at all the old buildings. It was definitely like a step back in time.

Big Bell

We decided to head west of Cue to check out the old township of Big Bell🛎. A few ruins scattered around, an old windmill and probably the most noticeable bit - the old big bell pub! After a good squizz around, we decided to continue out to see Walga Rock.

Walga Rock is like a mini Uluru, it has very similar colourings & curves and is a sight of significance for the Aboriginal people. There is a section of the rock which is filled with aboriginal paintings. We admired the paintings and Walga rock from the ground, before heading off and back into Cue.

Once back in Cue, we decided to do one last detour, this time east about 20km to visit Garden Rock. Another unique rock formation, with lots of rock pools up top and a nice view of the surrounds. Well happy with our sight seeing around Cue, we finally hit the road and headed towards Mt Magnet.

We camped approximately 10km north of Mt Magnet so we could watch the final origin match. We had pulled off about 1km off the road, were all set up when we looked out and saw a police car. Both me and Kurt paper scissors rocked to see who would go outside and talk to them. Turns out, they were just making sure we were ok. We explained how we were just camped up so we could watch the origin and have a few beers. Turns out one of the officers was a blues supporter #poorfella.

Well i think we all know how game 3 ended, it was a close game but i guess NSW have to win occasionally. We had a great nights sleep in our free camp, all refreshed we headed off to check out some nearby sights. Visiting: Lennonvillle Townsite, the cave, amphitheatre and out to the Granites.

Next stop Sandstone

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