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Lake Argyle via Kununurra to Bungle Bungles

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

After crossing the WA border🎉 we headed straight down to Lake Argyle for a few nights. We initially set up at the free camp near the spill way. We then drove into Lake Argyle Resort to look into cruises🚤 and availability. Hearing such great things about the sunset cruise, we decided to splash out and book ourselves some seats.💺

Free Camp

We had a great two days relaxing at the spillway camp, recharging our batteries and laying about. On the third day, we packed up early and headed into the Lake Argyle Resort🍹. All the staff were very nice and let us check in at 9am. We made use of all the facilities, doing some washing and relaxing in the pool, all before our sunset cruise later that afternoon. 🌅

It was a brilliant few hours at on the Lake, learning about it and seeing different points of interest😯 (see previous post for sunset cruise photos). After the cruise, we treated ourselves to dinner and drinks at the bar. Sitting back, sipping down a coldy🍻 while listening to the live entertainment. You can see why people love staying here.

Our next destination was into Kununurra, to top up with fresh fruit and veggies!🍏 Unfortunately for us we didn’t realize alot of the town is shut on Sundays, so very little was open. We chose to go up the road to camp and return the next day. Our campsite of choice was ‘Buttons Crossing’ for the night. It was a nice peaceful place, on the edge of a sandy river. Just have to be careful as the river was croccy 🐊

Ivanhoe Crossing

The next day we drove over the iconic Ivanhoe water crossing and got a few pictures📸. Then detouring up the road to check out the Hoochery Distillery. After a few samples and a light lunch we headed back into Kununurra to grab some groceries and refill our gas. We camped at a free camp about 30km out of town, as we had planned to detour down⬇️ to the Bungles Bungles for a look.

Bungle Bungles

We set up camp at the Spring Creek Rest area which is 1km south of the Bungle Bungles intersection. Day tripping it in to visit the Domes, Cathedral gorge and Echidna Chasm. The 50km dirt road from the intersection into the Information centre was horrendous😵. It took us 90 minutes each way and it was in a terrible condition.

The next day we made our way up to Cockburn rest area for an overnight stop🌠 before starting the infamous Gibb River Road the following day.

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