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Kennedy Range National Park

Located 150km East of Carnarvon. It had been on our radar for quite some time. Not many people have heard about the Kennedy Ranges, so lets show you what you’re missing ...

We chose to camp at the ‘Junction Tourist Park/Pub’ which is located 35km south of the Kennedy Ranges. We left the van here and Rusty napping while we got up super early and headed in to explore the Eastern side of the ranges.

Our first spot was to ‘sunrise view’ to watch the sun️ come up. The glow along the ranges as the sun slowly rose was beautiful. You climb a small hill, which gives you a great view of the ranges in both directions (north & south). Once the sun was up and full light about, we climbed down to grab a snack before driving down to Honeycomb gorge.

Now Honeycomb gorge is probably the most popular spot to see in the Kennedy Ranges and we can see why. After a short walk, you come to a large gorge wall covered in what looks like honeycomb. A great natural wonder to see.

Honeycomb gorge

Next up, we headed south to Temple gorge. It’s only a short walk in and you are greeted with two tracks↔️. One to the left and one to the right. Silly Amz thought it was a circuit, nope. They both come to dead ends . We found some pretty cool rock formations so it wasn’t that bad.

Last up, we headed down to Drapers gorge. A short walk in with small rock-pools and waterfalls to see (seasonal). It was quite dry when we visited, with the only water we saw, was right at the end with a stagnant rock-pool. Still a pretty walk in admiring the surrounding ranges.

Happy with our time exploring the Eastern side, we jumped back in the car and headed back to camp for an early lunch and well earned beer.

Keep in mind that we visited the Kennedy Ranges late November, last year. So the famous river crossings on the western side were all dried up. We asked the locals at the information centre whether it would be worth seeing the Western side, and she said probably not at this time of year.

Later that afternoon we had to hit pause on our adventures and make some new plans as we got offered jobs! Stay tuned, we’ll tell all about our short term work in our next post

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