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Leaving Menzies on a Saturday, we had 2 nights to kill until we were meeting up with some friends at The Broad Arrow - which is 25minutes north of Kalgoorlie. With a strong craving for KFC, we decided to head into Kalgoorlie for 2 days & straight to the colonel.

We then rang around and decided to stay at the Prospector Holiday Park. The lady on the phone was so lovely and helpful, thats why we chose there. We set ourselves up on a powered site and started planning what to see & do in Kal. It just so happened to be the third Sunday of the month and we learnt that they do FREE 1 hour superpit tours - you beauty!! (usually valued at $50 per person).


The following day, we headed down and patiently lined up at 8:30am to put our name on the list for the tour. All good we were on the 9am tour, touring through the super pit. You just have to make sure you wear long sleeve shirts and shorts & have closed in shoes. Our tour guide was great and very knowledgable of the pit. Once we finished the tour, we browsed around at the market stalls before heading back to the van.

In the afternoon we just did some errands like grocery shopping, visited bunnings etc. The following day we packed up and headed back out to the Broad Arrow Pub. Our wonderful friends Vic & Amanda were traveling north and we caught up with them for 2 days camped here outside the pub. We had a few drinks in the Broad Arrow, had a famous Broady burger and sat around the campfire catching up.

Museum pub

After 2 nights, we said our goodbyes and headed back into Kalgoorlie. We had a few more spots we wanted to see. Up first was the museum of the Goldfields. A great museum to see, with only a donation asked upon entry. We then walked the main street, checking out all the old buildings, we love seeing old buildings. Last up, we headed to the Super Pit lookout, so we could show Rusty the pit.

Getting quite late, we decided to just pop out to Lake Douglas free camp to spend our last night around Kalgoorlie. A great quiet spot camped on the lakes edge with plenty of firewood about.

Well thanks Kalgoorlie! No gold was found during our expedition through the goldfields but we are happy we found some golden campsites

Its time to head south and start the infamous Nullarbor

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