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Hyden and surrounds

From Hopetoun, we nipped back through Ravensthorpe and started the drive up towards Hyden,. We stopped at a few points of interest along the way, to stretch our legs and grab some photos. We had a look at the LakeKing outdoor tractor museum. Geez, those farmers back in the day were clever with some of their creations. About another 30km north, we stopped and had a giggle at the ‘stuck truck’. We’d love to know the story behind this and how it came to be.

As we had left Hopetoun quite early, we stopped into the Holt Rock rest stop for some morning tea. After another hour of driving we reached Hyden. We headed straight to the Hippo’s Yawn, for a look before heading to the famous Wave Rock. We didn’t realize Wave Rock is not a national park - you beauty. But we quickly realized you have to pay $12 for a parking permit, which is fair enough. Its a very busy place and we saw the rangers hand out a few fines, so be sure to pay for your ticket people!

Wave Rock

Rusty loved walking around and exploring Wave Rock. After a good hour wandering around, we grabbed some happy snaps. One stand out one, the will definitely frame when we go home. We headed across the road to ‘Lake magic’, where we threw our swimmers on. Now why is it called Lake Magic you ask? This man-made lake has a very high salt ratio, which results in you effortless floating. You can’t sink here, at all. Its a weird feeling and one hard to describe. We both had never experienced anything like it. Definitely recommend jumping in, if your in the area, it will leave you amazed.

Lake Magic

We made some lunch before heading off, our next spot on the map, was a small detour down to