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We headed straight to the Flinders Ranges after our stay at The Grampians. It took us a good 3 days of driving to get to the start of the Flinders and that included a massive shop in Adelaide! We filled up with groceries🍏, fuel, gas, bits & bobs etc, because after the Flinders we were heading straight up the Oodnatta track - so Adelaide was our last major restock point before we reach Alice Springs! ⛽️

Flinders Ranges National Park

Our first official night in the Flinders we stayed at Quorn Caravan Park,. Since we had done a massive food shop our caravan fridge was struggling to get down to temperature🌡 (as it was pretty much empty when we crossed the SA/VIC border & Amz had left it low on Tassie settings - whoops). We also wanted power so we could charge up the bulk of our electronics (all our batteries etc).

The Dutchman

We had visited the information centre before checking in, so we had a good handful of maps🗺, to start planning what we wanted to see! Having a low-key night getting ready to tackle the Flinders Ranges! The next morning we got up early and tackled the nearby Dutchmans Stern mountain hike. Was a great way to get the legs pumping 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻after sitting down for three days of driving. The walk was relative moderate and we were up and back within two and a bit hours. We spotted plenty of Kangaroos and the noticeable different fauna about.

We then hitched up and headed north! On the journey up we stopped into the Kanyaka Ruins. A cluster of crumbled stone buildings which was once a bustling homestead🏚. The single palm-tree at the entrance was quite odd to see all the way out here. Next stop was the small town of Hawker, where we topped up with more diesel and fresh milk. 🍶 *hint* compare the fuel prices! We found it 10cents cheaper a litre at the mechanics, compared to the fuel station - only 50m away from each other!