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Esperance, WA - Top 10 things to see and do

Hey Legends,

Here's a list of places and activities that we think are our top things to see in the area. We visited in March 2019 so we had great warm weather. Make sure you visit in the summer months as the beaches are perfect for a relax and swim.

1. Lucky Bay - Head to Lucky Bay and meet the resident locals on the beach. Lucky Bay is an iconic place to visit in Australia with people coming from all over the world to experience seeing a kangaroo on a pristine beach setting. Lucky Bay is located in the Cape Le Grand National Park, which is approximately a 1 hour drive from Esperance. Being a national park it is not dog friendly so make sure you organise a sitter before hand. The park itself is huge but you could see all the sights in one day if you had a time limit. If no time limit exists for you then you can spend weeks camped up along the beautiful beaches

2. Eleven Mile Beach - This beach was one of our favourites due to the good fishing, snorkelling and we were fortunate enough to see a couple of horses gallop around the water's edge. Fishing off the rocky reef edge you can catch multiple different species like Salmon, Rockfish, herring and more.

3. Twilight Beach - WOW! This beach is stunning! The waters here can be very calm which is great for the kids and paddleboard. Lots of beginner surfers will also practice here with some long sets coming through. This beach is only a 10 min drive from the town center so its easily accessible even if you have to hire a push bike.

4. Rock Climb 4WD - This one is NOT for the faint hearted but you dont need to drive it if you dont want to. The rock is a 15 min drive east of Esperance and found on WikiCamps App. Due to the nature of the rock it has an extreme approach angle and a gnarley climb up the rock. It's recommended that you walk it first and pick a track as there's no turning round once you're