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Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Warning BEACH SPAM in photos️

Well, after a long awaited 2 years we finally made it into Esperance! We had decided to splurge and book ourselves into a van park for a week so we could really get a feel for the area and simply relax. Our van park of choice was the ‘Esperance Bay Holiday Park’ - they had a great deal️ on during our stay which was pay 6, stay 7.

We explored all the beaches along the Great Ocean drive, which was fantastic. Clear blue waters and we liked the fact that each beach was uniquely different to the previous one. With calm bays, surf beaches, rocky beaches, beaches with gully’s / rock-pools etc. Rusty loved the fact she was allowed on 9/10 of those beaches too! We fished, we sun baked, we explored and generally had a great week at Esperance!

The weather wasn’t the best with only about 50% of our stay, we had the sun out, but we were very lucky to have a couple of gorgeous days to really see the true Esperance beauty.

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