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Denmark to Albany

Arriving at Cosy Corner East (free camp) around midday, we were able to find a rather cosy site to unhitch the van and set up camp for a couple of days. The weather was still overcast and rainy, so we relaxed around camp for the rest of the day.

Up bright and early, we peaked out of curtains and could see the sun! Yippee, our first full day of sun in a week. We took Rusty down to the beach and stretched all our legs. We decided to head back over to William Bay National Park so we could visit the Greens pool and Elephant Rocks. The car park was busy, we walked down to Green Pools and were in awe. Wowzers! Such a stunning area. We dipped our toes in the water which was a nice crisp temperature.

Green Pools

A 5 minute walk around the corner and we found Elephant Cove, home to the Elephant Rocks. A lovely bay with large oval shaped rocks, which are meant to look like a herd of Elephants - hence the name. We popped the drone up and got a few shots of the area, before deciding to throw our swimmers on and have a dip at Greens Pool. I mean, its so pretty and we knew, we wouldn’t be back this way for a good while.

All refreshed from our swim, we headed back out and down the road for some ice-cream. We had heard a couple of kms west of the turn off into William Bay was a honey ice-cream place. The honey ice-cream did not disappoint with a dozen different honey flavours to choose from. On the way back through, we stopped in Denmark for a walk around the town. We grabbed some delicious looking snags from the local butcher before heading off. Boston Brewery Co. was a good stop for lunch. We had a beer and burger which was nice.

We stayed at Cosy Corner for approximately 5 nights. The weather wasn’t the best so we did a few small trips into Albany and surrounds when we could. Visiting the Field of Light Avenue of Honour, driving around the town, Mount Melville lookout tower. On a separate day we visited Torndirrup National Park where we saw the popular ‘Gap’ and Natural Bridge. We walked around Stony Hill and had a peak at the Salmon Hole.

Gap - Natural Bridge

On our second last day at Cosy Corner, a fellow camper got himself pretty bogged a couple of hundred metres from our camp. Our car was the only one in camp with a winch and equipped to recover him and his trailer. We successfully recovered him with a small amount of damage to our recovery gear unfortunately.

There was a few more things we wanted to see around Albany, but constantly checking the weather forecast we saw a few days of predicted sunshine up around the Stirling Ranges. So we decided to head up there next, and finish off Albany in a couple of days.

Next stop Kendenup / Stirling Ranges

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