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Coral Bay & Elles beach (@Warra)

We left Carnarvon and headed up to Warroora Station. Our intention was to enter the station via the southern entrance road, but unfortunately due to recent rainfall it was closed️. So we had to drive up to the northern entrance and come in via the coastal track.

On our way to the homestead we popped into our old favourite Stevens,️ to see if our favourite spot was available. Bugger, there was someone camped on our ‘penthouse’ site. We then decided to camp somewhere different to make some new memories. Elles beach was our chosen spot. We spent 10 days parked up and just relaxed.

Kurt tried his luck fishing straight out front of our camp, but no keepers unfortunately. We walked up and down the beach each day. It was nice being back at Warra. The only thing which dampened our time here was the flies. Almost all outside activities required a fly net, with only a few times the wind was strong enough to keep them at bay.

After 10 days, we decided to head into Coral Bay for a couple of nights️. We returned to our favourite snorkel spot in Australia - five finger reef. The marine life we see here, each time we snorkel never fails to disappoint. We snorkelled here twice in our latest visit and both times we spotted a turtle.

We also decided to lock in our whale shark dive here! Yeww photos and post to come!

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