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Coral Bay

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

After Exmouth we headed to the 14 mile beach camp on Warroora Station. It is situated approximately 20km south of Coral Bay. A great spot to base ourselves while we explored the surrounds. [read next post - all about Warroora Station]

Warroora Station

We ventured about to the nearby sites and up to Coral Bay. It was only a 20 minute drive from our camp at 14 mile, and we were in Coral. The bay was beautiful and mostly protected from the wild winds. We enjoyed a few day trips, having lazy days, soaking in the sun and countless snorkels.

Five Finger Reef

#funfact There is local coral membrane called ‘Ayers Rock’ which is about 50m off the beach. Its definitely worth the effort to snorkel out to it if your feeling adventurous. There is great directions on wikicamps on how to get to it.

Coral Bay quite surprisingly had alot of stuff in town. It had a news agency, post office, 2 general stores, a couple of boutiques, a bakery, a dive shop, some cafes, a pub/liquor store etc. Some stuff was well priced, others were a tad pricey, but enough supplies and bit&bobs to get you out of trouble.

Five Finger Reef

Also in the area was ‘five finger reef’. A great little sandy 4WD track to get onto the beach, then you could snorkel just metres off the beach. Its also out of the sanctuary zone, so you can fish. We did three small trips here, we loved it that much. This is where Amz spotted a chilled out turtle. Our first turtle spotted, while snorkelling in the Coral Bay area.

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