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Cape Leveque

So after the Gibb, we nipped into Broome for a few days. Catching up with family & friends, then we scooted straight up to Cape Leveque!

We decided to drive right up to the top to meet some more friends. Gumbanan Wilderness Retreat was our choice of campsite🏕. We used this as a base while we explored the surrounding areas. We day tripped into One Arm Point community, had a dip at their local beach and visited the hatchery🐢🐠 (open air aquarium).


Tossing up whether to visit Kooljaman, we just grabbed a day pass and had a look around the place. The western beach had impressive contrasts, with the red sandstone cliffs. Kurt had a little flick and caught a 45cm🎣 GT, which made him happy. We drove onto the eastern beach for a quick dip. Again a very picturesque beach, with white sand and amazing clear blue water. Not sure it was worth $35 for a day trip though.🤔

We so happened to visit Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm while the ‘festival of the pearl’ was on🎏. We popped in on a Saturday where they were doing free demo’s all day. We heard about the history of Cygnet Bay and fun facts about the place. We also got to watch them harvest a live pearl. Our intention was to do the pearl tour, but once we saw the demo’s we figured we’d pretty much seen the tour 😉.

Rusty chilling at Gumbanan

A few days later we returned to Cygnet Bay to go on the ‘waterfall reef tour’🚤. A great few hours out on the bay seeing the local sights. We got to see the main attraction Waterfall Reef which is a reef a few nautical miles north of Cygnet Bay. Due to the large volume tides that frequent the area, when the tide is outgoing, it rushes off this large reef which results in a waterfall affect⛲️. Have you ever seen a waterfall in the middle of the ocean? We thought it was pretty darn cool to see👏🏼.