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Cape Le Grand National Park

We waited for a nice sunny day to visit Cape Le Grand, day tripping in from Esperance. Having our annual national parks pass, meant we were waved right through the pay station which was great. We headed straight to Lucky bay in search of those popular kangaroos🦘 on the beach. We saw 2 not far down the beach, but they were surrounded by lots of tourists. We decided we would come back here last, before we headed out to try and find🤨 some more Kangaroos.

Lucky Bay

We drove around checking out all the bays and beaches. It was quite windy, so it didn’t make too many of the beaches, that inviting for a swim. BUT we had sunshine, so we weren’t complaining. Cape Le Grand beach was nice and easy to drive onto. Driving a few kilometers up and back along the beach, listening to the squeaky white sand under the tires.

We conquered the small steep hike up to Frenchman’s peak. It was really leg burning getting to the summit. Be sure to climb in and visit the mammoth cave up there. It was HUGE. We then trekked up another few minutes to reach the actual summit. It was very windy up top, so we had to clutch our hats so they didn’t fly off. All up, it took us about 50 minutes with a 10 minute rest up the top.

Before leaving Cape Le Grand, we ducked up the road and back to Lucky bay in the hope of scoring that iconic kangaroo shot! We had both agreed we would drive onto the beach (now the tide was going out) and try to find one. Well it didn’t take long, only 30 seconds on the sand we spotted some. We whipped out our camera’s and got the million dollar shot. In all seriousness, they are cute and very friendly, but please remember they are wild and DO NOT feed them (like we spotted a few people doing).

All up, we loved Cape Le Grand and hope to revisit it the future and explore a little more.

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