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Bunbury, Busselton & surrounds

After stockton lake, we headed towards Bunbury, but made had to make one important detour. To visit Gnomesville Amz had wanted to visit here since the start of our trip. It was quite amusing wandering around all the different gnomes. Alot more then we expected there to be.

We then made it to Bunbury. We headed into the town city and straight to the visitors centre. Currently Bunbury, is offering permits for self contained campers, to free camp, in a handful of designated spots around the town. We grabbed a permit and found a nice spot to park up for the night at Wyalup point.

With our camp-spot for the night locked in, we walked into town and roamed up and down the main street. Returning home via the lighthouse and along the beach. Our mates the Roving Russo's told us about a place that does half price pizza’s across town on Thursday nights. We looked it up on our maps and saw it was 10km away.

Weighing up our options, we agreed if we could get our bicycles going, we would ride there. Luckily after a few squirts of WD40 Kurt managed to unseize alot of the parts and getting them moving. We rode the 10kms there and back, turned out to be a great idea, as we got to see more of the city and foreshore.

The next day, we visited the popular Bunbury Farmers Market . We had been told by ALOT of people how good this place was, and well, it lived up to all the hype. WE LOVED IT! Stocking up both our fridges with heaps of fruit and veg, an assortment of meat, dips, cheeses, pastas etc. We even purchased some sneaky choc croissants for a post-shop snack, that were delish! We’ll definitely be stopping by here again.

We trekked down to Busselton and settled ourselves into a van park for 2 nights. Our good mates Blaine & Shenaid from Camper Australis had made some last minute plans to come join us for the weekend. We explored the surrounds, visited some breweries, checked out some markets and fished off the iconic Busselton jetty.

After visiting Dunsborough and the surrounds, we really loved the atmosphere here. This has been the first place on our trip, we have both said we could live here. Eagle bay and Garnet Rocks took our breath away and are up there with some of our favourite beaches! Amz couldn’t resisit not visiting Simmo’s ice-creamery. She was in heaven trying to choose a flavour from their 40+ flavour range.

We are starting to get a taste of this south west, and understanding why people rave about it. Its still early days, but so far we are loving our time down here and can’t wait to see more. Next stop Margaret River through to Pemberton and surrounds.

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