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Albany to Ravensthorpe via Bremer Bay

So after our short detour to the Stirling Ranges (read previous post), we headed down towards Porongurup. Hoping to do the Castle Rock granite skywalk, but unfortunately it was raining - a lot. So we headed straight down to our next FREE camp - Normans Beach.

Approximately 30 mins east of Albany. We were lucky enough to get site 1 (only 6 sites here) which was a large spacious spot. Good solar and surrounded by some nice fauna. The beach wasn’t the best for swimming, but Rusty loved her daily walks up and down here.

On our second day here, there was a slight reprieve in the rain, so we walked along the whole beach up to the north and were shocked at how much rubbish had washed up here. We started finding odd bits of rope, so we tied them together and then tied on all the plastic bottles we came across. Even stumbling across a oxygen (gas) bottle, 2 fluro tubes, a light bulb, chunks of wood, 2 wooden pallets, a wax candle, just to name a few things. Luckily the campground had a recycling bin, so we were able to recycle the plastic bottles and we dropped the gas bottle off to the local tip.

Normans Beach Camp

We had a semi fine day the following day, so chose to head back and do the castle rock walk. A Lot of people had recommended it to us, to do. It was a moderate incline walk to reach the skywalk and it was rather windy up top. The structural engineering of the skywalk was impressive, but we were personally a little underwhelmed with ‘the views’. Ah well, back into Albany to finish off our sight seeing.

Tossing up whether to do the National ANZAC centre, we decided to do it and glad we did. We both enjoyed the modern, interactive display and walked away with a lot more knowledge. Unfortunately the rain had come back and it was bucketing down. So we couldn’t explore the outside displays. We jumped in the Nav and decided to just head off to get some groceries and return back to camp. We would of loved better weather to check out a few more of Albany's attractions but we were happy with what we saw.

Well it was time to move onto Bremer Bay. We checked into the Bremer Bay caravan park for 2 nights. The park had a deal on which was pay for 3, stay for 4. When i asked about this, i was told it was only for seniors, which was a bit of a shame. We headed down to the jetty for an afternoon fish. Kurt caught heaps of herring and somehow managed to catch a rock cod in our crab net. Yep he’s that talented .

The next day, we drove around checking out the different beaches and throwing a line in. Lots more herring and 3 salmon - which jumped off our hooks, right in front of us as we were reeling them in towards the rocks. It was a nice day regardless of the salmon escapees. All hitched up after our two night stay, we opted to drive down the road onto the beach (where the estuary meets the ocean) and park up for a couple of hours and have another fish. Yep you guessed it, just more bloody herring.

Ravensthorpe Silo Art

We ate lunch at the local park, then decided it was time to head to our next camp spot, which we had Ravensthorpe pinned. We pulled into the free RV rest-stop in town and setup for the night. Nothing fancy just a patch of un-level dirt in the heart of town for self contained campers. Since it was our two year anniversary for being on the road, we decided to go to the pub to celebrate. We love a parmy and a pint, which was our meal of choice.

Next stop Esperance (and we can’t bloody wait)!!

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