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Adels Grove to NT Border

The next day we packed up and continued the trek up to Adels. We stopped in at the Riversleigh Mammal fossil site to have lunch and a look around. After a look around at the fossils & a full belly we hit the road again. We arrived at Adels Grove that afternoon and checked in for 3 nights. We spent 2 days exploring Lawn Hill National Park and completed all the hikes. Our favourite spots in Lawn Hill would have to of been the Indarri waterfalls, wild dog dreaming track and the upper gorge lookout! Definitely paid to get up early and start the hikes before the days warmed up!

Adels Grove was also magical! Well worth a visit! Awesome fish and chips from the shack! They have tubes you can hire and just float around, an epic rope swing and some hidden gems worth exploring! We loved the fact they were dog friendly, so made traveling into Lawn Hill without rusty a breeze!

After our stay at Adels Grove we headed to Gregory Downs! We had never heard of Gregory Downs until a few fellow travellers mentioned we should definitely go, and it did not disappoint! We spent a total of 6 nights by the river at the free camp, as we loved it that much! The water ran down stream so we could float down a good 200m on our tubes!

The wildlife was amazing at Gregory, birds galore, wallabies just in the bushes behind our camp. The locals did show us a 2.5m fresh water croc which was cool to see! Gregory Downs was action packed with lots of things to keep us entertained! Kurts metal detector came in handy, when we helped a couple in distress! (Separate post to come!) Overall we had a blast at all (Adels, Lawn Hill & Gregory!) It was great being able to swim and relax around in these mini oasis.

We tracked up to Burketown for an overnight stop, free camping out at the boat ramp there. Be sure to stop in at the local bakery and get yourself a ‘Barra-pie’ it was delicious. The following day we tracked towards Doomadgee and up to the Hells Gate roadhouse for our next camp spot. There was a few other campers spread out amongst the campgrounds. Now we found the purist drinking water here. No joke! We emptied all our tanks to fill them up with the Hells Gate water it was so nice. The girl on the desk told us they are trying to get a permit to sell their water as bottled drinking water it’s that good!

Next day we finally crossed our first border into the northern Territory, just west of Hells Gate! After a successful night free camping near a small river, we decided to head north towards the gulf to catch some fish! And that we did! We went to snake lagoon and asked permission to camp up at Greenback station - Cody (the nicest aboriginal guy we have met thus far) approved and gave us some good tips! The station was situated right on the Robinson River and only 5km in from the gulf itself.

As we don't have a tinnie, all our fishing efforts were from the bank and coral shelf! Kurt had the 'catch of the stay' by catching a mud crab, on Amz's pink fishing rod and keeping it enticed enough to get into a bucket! More unbelievable he caught it all on gopro - you have to see it to believe it. Amz caught her first fish for the trip and between us we caught some decent fish that satisfied our fresh fish cravings for a while.

After 3 nights at Greenbank we decided to continue the journey and trekked to Borroloola. We stayed at the local caravan park and stocked up again with food and drinks. Kurt had had a sore ear which was bothering him, so we also visited the local health clinic. The staff were super friendly and the service was free with our Medicare cards - winning! What wasn't cool, was a little kid who threw 2 rocks at our car as we were traveling through - one hit our canopy signage and has left a big dent.